Star Lord New Style Jacket

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Product Specification:

  • Genuine Leather and Cotton Material
  • Stand Collar
  • Epaulet on right Shoulder
  • Long Sleeves with multiple belted locks
  • Maroon in Color
Custom +$22

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Star-Lord may have had a tough time in getting his “super cool” name across the galaxy, but he didn’t have a hard time inspiring people with his getup. This is the exclusive Star Lord New Style Jacket that was worn by Chris Pratt in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film.

To create this one of a kind leather attire, a combination of two fabrics is used. It’s made from Genuine leather as well as a polyester mesh fabric. The dark color and the features like the extra leather layers make the ideal portrayal of an armored gear. Pockets are stitched to make it convenient for you to carry things.

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  1. Jordan Prichard from Cali, USA

    When I saw the first movie, I really didn’t like the jacket much. Many sites had their own versions of it but it still didn’t impress me, and I gave up. I placed my trust in a new store since I saw a lot of promotional stuff and this jacket was included in it. After all the procedure and rollercoaster feelings, I can finally say that I’m impressed! I just like how the jacket looks on me. It fits like a glove and makes me look more intimidating – in a good way.

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